Getting a good massage service for outcalls

As we have discussed so far at Tuubio, we quite often seek out some good massage therapy which nowadays due to increased popularity is pretty easy to find in many of the main cities across the world. One which is not so easy to find though is a good visiting service.

More often than not these services can be prohibitively expensive for many people and London in particular seems to be very much on the overpriced side of things these days for this type of massage. Going more into the adult market where people like to a visiting service at their hotel room we have found from our research that a visiting or outcall tantric massage service can be generally twice the price of going to the parlour for the service.

Why do people want outcalls in the first place? Well getting a masseuse to your hotel suite is a lot more appealing to a lot of people, as many massage parlours have quite a bad reputation in major cities as being slightly seedy for example. This is even more the case when you might living the area, the last thing anyone needs is to be seen frequenting such places and so for those in the market for a bit of erotic therapy a visiting service is generally the answer

Is it worth the extra cash? Well in many cases the answer to this is probably no and really is more of a rich man’s game especially in areas like London. But for those where discretion is imperative then it can be the only way. Also for many agencies the close the distance to the parlour ie a very local hotel then prices can generally be discounted even in areas such as London for example

Defeating Anxiety with Tantric Massage

Anxiety is becoming quite a problem in the world in part due to more stress and tension for people in the world. It is now the most common disorder in the US for example and it is said to be an issue for as many as 40 million people or as a percentage 18% of the entire population. Estimates also say that the cost of anxiety disorders to the US government is somewhere in the region of $42 billion per year which of course is a massive figure

This is where massage and in particular tantric massage can be a welcome god send for people that are trying to reduce their symptoms and beat this debilitating affliction. Many would argue this is a butt better method to countering problems like this than heading straight for the local general practitioner to get a prescription of tablets!

Holistic Therapy can work wonders for people and one of the key points is that it helps people to relax. When we are relaxed in a similar way to something like meditation, we are then able to think more clearly. By doing this on a regular basis the person is much more able to deal with the symptoms of anxiety

One of the key things being taught by various tantric therapists is breathing techniques. There is one agency in the UK which does make this a focus of the therapy. Based in West side of the capital they offer a body to body tantric massage London service where they also teach the client about how to breath deeper, tantric style which helps with sexual problems but also can be carried into real life situations to help with anxiety symptoms and keeping these under control too! Which is an added bonus for people that are using this therapy regularly. By really getting used to this deep breathing it can help enormously with anxiety as you can then train the mind more to get used to breathing this way!

Learning about Tantric Massage

One of the best things that one can do in a relationship to sprinkle a bit of spice on proceedings is to get involved in some erotic massage. Here there are many times but the favourite for most people, generally being regarded as the best is tantric massage.

This is one that combines physical, emotional and spiritual factors in order to give the complete all round sexy massage technique for couples and people wishing to experience deeper sexual pleasure with a girlfriend or just for one’s own pleasure at a massage parlour etc.

Sadly learning the art of tantric massage therapy takes a long time, and one really does need to invest a lot of time, patience and energy into getting up to a reasonable standard. This is where finding a good practitioner is necessary. There are many tantric massage london therapists that are available for this type of service and they generally will offer a couples massage or they will service guys who are looking for a basic erotic massage or to learn about this technique.

First of allo to get a bit of a head start on things and to hit the ground running with the learning aspect, it is probably a wise idea to do some reading up first, so that you can mixmise your time with the masseuses. Remember tantric therapy is not cheap and basically will cost double the money if going for the couple option and so the more that you can cram in the better. The other reason to do some home study beforehand is that you might find that it is not really what you were expecting or perhaps it is a bit too much for you and your partner, and you both might feel a bit nervous at the prospect of revealing too much information to your local massage therapist!

Things to do in London

Being in London for a hoiliday really is amazing for lots of people whether visiting the country as a tourist, working or on business in the heart of London or for any other reason for that matter. While in town chilling out by the famous River Thames is definitely up there as one of ‘the’ things that one should take in. Choices here are there in adbundance, whether partial to a more chilles out experience down in Richmond, or a bit more hectic down near the famous London Eye in the centre of town, it’s all there in this amous metropolis.

Then there are some of most famous architecture and museums in the world, which offer a superb way to spend sometime walking around with lots of things to take in. One would really want to either download a London guide to help them or even perhaps get a bus tour around first to really get a feel for the place and know what is where and to get one’s bearings in the busy town

Its a place you really can get list if you arent prepared for it so one should take time to really plan a trip to London thats for sure! After a long day pounding the streets and looking around you can then if you have the energy take a look at some London’s lively entertainment such as the famous Koko Club, or for those that are looking more towards some regular R&R then a relaxing massage might be favoured choice. Choose between the whole spectrum of options as it literally is all on the menu in London. One can sample authentic Thai massage, Swedish Massage, relaxing acupuncture or maybe some racing adult tantric massage London for those that like a little bit more excitement. Whatever your choice we are sure you will have an absolutely fabulous time in London!

Locating a massage professional

Many different options here to get the best practitoner for the job. One way that we recommend is through recognised organisations that are affiliated with the particular type of massage that you are looking for. Another way would be to scour various online forums where people have used and reviewed certain masseuses. It is always prudent to check here whether the people that are reviewing have made a certain number of posts and therefore are a reliable source as there are many that sign up purely just to make a review, when i fact they are just reviewing themselves!

As long as you are diligent here, it can also be a very good way to find a suitable masseuse. There are some large massage forums such as massage planet where people do make reviews for massage palours from across which can be very useful.

There are also many more dedicated review sites that have sprung up now, which really do offer some great information for people wishing to learn more about who’s available and who offers the best services etc.

This is fine for the more mainstream types of massage where you would expect to see many of the main high street massage establishments, but for someone looking for something a little but more saucy then you might want a more underground or adult forum such as punternet for example which focuses more on this market when you want to find a prostate massage london parlour for example.

Another way which has also become more common now, although again does get gamed quite a lot is with google maps. This is a great way for customers to add their reviews of a product or service, but again many people take advantage of this for their own ends and again you willf ind many bogus reviews by some unscrupulous business owners in certain niches.

Which Type of Massage

As we have said at Tuubio many times in the past when it comes to picking which massage, this really is completely up to the indivodual. Some of the normal questions that we would think to ask here are:

  1. What are you trying to gain from the massage? What we mean here is, for someone suffering from migraines for example, they might choose an Indian Head massage. For someone that is suffering some muscle ache or cramps, then probably either Swedish or Deep Tissue would be favourite, whereas as someone looking to gain a better sex life then we would have to say that an erotic tantric massage would probably be the one to go for!
  2. What’s Available? Depending on where you reside in the UK or the US, locating a massage parlour providing the massage that you require can sometimes be the issue. What you want as your massage of choice may not be available and so this why is why it is a good idea to do some research as for example there maybe 2 – 3 different massages that can achieve the same goal. So you may not have a Thai massage but there may also be a Swedish Massage in the same area
  3. Your Personal Health – When choosing massage therapy one must also take into account their own personal health an pre-existing conditions before taking part. When you got to a registered practitioner they should in any case go through this with you before the massage starts. Some of the massage therapies such as Thai Massage for example can be way too strenuous for some people for example and can cause more problems than they solve for some. This is where good communication with the masseur or masseuse is important as you are able to conevy to the therapist any problems before starting and if necessary they will able to give you a watered down version of the massage or even recommend a different technique.

Massage for better Health

We all know by now that massage brings with it some amazing benefits to people that like to use it. Added to the fact that it can turned you from a very stressed out individual to a zen master it can also bring wonders for people trying to improve their sex lives. This of course will be people that are looking to get involved in some of the more risque types of massage though which include things like sensual nuru massage as an example.

This is an ancient Japanese massage that has been continually adapted and evolved into one’s of the worlds most slippery and sensual massage therapies. Then of course we have the world famous tantric massage, which is used by millions worldwide to achieve calm and sexual fulfilment.

Getting oneself to reach much greater levels of calm can also have huge knock-on effects to other issues too. Someone that can leave stress behind will then begin to see health benefits in many other areas too which can can ultimately lead to other ailments. One such example of this would be blood pressure which in medical circles in often referred to as ‘the silent killer’. By becoming more relaxed and putting stress in the rear view mirror, people will find that their blood pressure in many cases will follow suit and this is mainly because stress is responsible for most of the worlds chronic illnesses and so by beating this we can prevent many other things in the process.

It is not just beating stress though, as many studioes have shown that for example through massage we can stimulate lymph flow in the body which is also responsible for fighting disease. Some say that even the human touch element can work wonders for people’s overall feeling and so this is why massage is truly here to stay!